City of Belgrade

Category: Beauty and health
Phone: 011/6307308
Shop: MU17

The company dm has been present on the Serbian market since 2004, where, until today, it has established itself with over 100 sales facilities. As a company that reacts to existing trends, and in most cases dictates them, dm is recognized as a trendsetter in the Serbian market and as a place to buy everything in one place, from the segment of beauty, natural cosmetics, organic food, personal hygiene, to household products and baby care.

In addition, dm is one of the largest providers of private label on the Serbian market. Well-known dm brands – Balea, alverde, dmBio, babylove, Denkmit and others. guarantee identical quality in all 13 countries in which the company operates.

Thanks to a large selection of organic food and the dmBio brand, dm has become an unavoidable place for all customers for whom organic food is a part of everyday life. With the slogan “Organic quality at a great price”, dm continues to expand this range to meet the needs of its customers.

Constant investment in the community and support to the domestic economy, as well as a high level of socially responsible business with an emphasis on the environment, is something the company is extremely proud of. This is confirmed by the numerous awards that dm has received. Some of them are “George Weifert”, a recognition that companies receive from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for responsible business, and a special award for the most innovative project in the VIRTUS Philanthropy Award competition. Both awards were given to the dm incubator project.