City of Belgrade

Category: Beauty and health
Phone: 011/4131625
Shop: MU11

When we founded Lilly drugstores in 2003, we only wanted one: to provide our neighbors the best quality cosmetics, body care products, baby care and food, baby program, auxiliary remedies, perfumes and home chemistry.

And we devoted ourselves to the realization of this desire.

Since 2006, Lilly drugstores have become available to our consumers within Lilly pharmacy – in which professional pharmacists along with tips and impeccable services can offer a wide range of medication at the best prices.

Soon it became clear that such a wish was not only ours: by 2019, 185 Lilly drugstores were opened across Serbia, from which 183 pharmacies – what is a proof that our fellow citizens in our offer have recognized what they were looking for. Their satisfaction is also the best recommendation that can be obtained. If these recommendations add to the commitment to meet the wishes of our customers, frequent price cuts and good service – it is clear why Lilly drugstores are today’s most popular drug chain in Serbia, which daily serves 60,000 customers.

We have always been able to fulfill and – desire more.

In order to offer more to the market – we have also started our own production of natural-conditioned products – which is characterized by excellent quality and reasonable price. In cooperation with top dermatologists and pharmacologists, we have developed a wide range of VELNEA products and VEOMA ZDRAVA KREMA.

Today, Lilly drugstores employ about 2,000 people and work according to ISO quality standards.